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Who Should Learn

Everyone who is a Project Manager or aspires to be a Project Manager in near future should learn Microsoft Project 2016. But if you want to use the advanced features and technology available in MS Project 2016 you must be already a practicing project manager and you should have good exposure to project management knowledge areas or better if you are trained or certified in PRINCE2 or PMP or ITIL or equivalent project management subjects. You should have familiarity with network diagrams, WBS, Time Management, Critical Path, Earned Value Management, Risk Management, Communication Management, Resource Management, Change/Configuration Management, Cost Management in order to effectively use the 2016 advanced features.





Classroom vs Online Training

You can attend the training program in the physical or virtual classroom.  It is a 2 days program and is very rigorous. You can also take it on your pace (only online).

What is MS Project 2016 

If you ar a practicing project manager it is almost sure that you might be aware of Microsoft Project. Starting from its ancestor Microsoft Project 95 (designed for Windows 95) almost 20 years back, it has come a long way to become the number one go-to tool for Schedule Management by project managers worldwide. It is extremely popular with more than 22 Million users worldwide as on 2013 and grwoing faster with its latest release being Microsoft Project 2016.


One competitor that Microsoft Project 2016 has is Primavera (Oracle) which is an equally an advanced tool.


Microsoft Project 2016 is very capable of several features that not many people are aware of (multiple timelines, user controlled tasks, high quality status reports, cost management to name a few). But if you want to do well in Project management it is suggested that explore all the great features hidden inside this amazing tool.





MS Project vs Primavera


When we talk about project management tools we are forced to take the name of Primavera alongside Microsoft Project. Primavera from Oracle has shown a lot of presence in recent times and gaining momentum. 



Microsoft Project is very user-friendly and is specially designed for desktop users and companies of all sizes, with an optional enterprise capability. Primavera is built fo the enterprise from the very core of it. For example - multiple people can work on the same project schedule simultaneously in Primavera. Secondly, issue management is more integrated and flexible in Primavera. Task management and collaborative team management is smoother in Microsoft project with recurring tasks, to-do lists, integrated social platform, essaging.  


Microsoft Project 2016 (Level I, II)

Everybody can say they are using Microsoft but a few can say they are the experts. It has myriad of features and even after ploughing into it for years you can easily be deceived by the portion of unknown remaining unexplored.


The Level I (Beginner's Level) is where you will be trained to use Microsoft Project's basic and the essential features. Anyone with or without any project management knowledge can get trained in Microsoft Project level I (Beginner's).


whereas in Level II (Advanced Level) ou will know the advanced concepts of integration of Microsoft Project with other productivity and project management tools. You will know how to implement various knowledge areas, concepts, themes, and principles of project management in Microsoft Project 2016. You can work ith Multiple projects, shared resources at program management or higher level. You will learn to manage highly complex projects using Microsoft Project 2016 Level II (Advanced).  


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