Most of the people say that it is very difficult to remember the Tools, Inputs, and Outputs. Tools and the Mathematical formulas are two major issues they face which stops them from being a PMP. 

But you have to swallow the bitter pill if you want to be a PMP certified professionals. After all the rewards are unmatched.  But we have made it easy for you so that it will be very very easy to master the Tools in the PMP. And It is free. 

Increase your success by 12 times in the PMP Certification Test by using our innovative PMP Tools


Step 1 - Know PMP Tool Basics

Knowledge Area, Process Groups, and Usage for Each Tool

1. Select any tool from the list. You can click/type the name.

2. It will show you the Knowledge Area(s) where the tool is used.

3. It can also show you the Process Groups(s) where the tool is used.

4. It can show you the input(s) used by the tool.

5. Each circle that you see on the screen is a Tool.

6. If you hover your mouse over the circle you can see the details about that Tool which will pop up as a rectangular box.

7. The circles have different sizes. It is an indication of the priority or usage ranking of the tool.

8. They have different colors. The colors are divided on the basis of which process group they belong to (Knowledge Area - Process Group) and on the basis of Activities that the Tool is involved Input - Output).


Step 2 - Know PMP Tool Details

Input, Output, Activity Used for Each Tool

1. You can pick any tool. It is going to help you remember the tools faster and forever along with their allied information.

2. All the important Tools that are used in PMP are included here.

3. Spend 1 to 2 minutes on each Tool. Try to see its Knowledge Areas, Process Groups (important).

4. Once you are comfortable with #3, turn the focus to the Inputs and Outputs. 

5.  Each Tool takes multiple Inputs and produces multiple Outputs. Initially, it is overwhelming but you will find it easy.

7. Once you are done with #6, turn your attention to the Activities (input-Output).

8. Notice what kind of Project management activities can be performed by using this tool.

9. Pick another Tool and go from # 1- #8. Enjoy.


1. You can answer the Knowledge Areas where the Tool can be used.

2. You can answer the Process Groups where the Tool can be used.

3. You can answer the Activities where the Tool can be used.

4. You can answer the Inputs used by the Tool.

5. You can answer the Outputs used by the Tool.


PMP Tools1.PNG
Tools Card.PNG