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What is PPM 

PPM stands for Professional Project Management. It is often seen that top rated technical and research institutes are a little too obsessed in the curiucular technology to have an oversight on the professional precision of scientific project mamagement procedures that should be imbibed with the overall planning, execution, monitoring and control of the project. Due to lack of expertise in projet management the projects are  executed in a personal manner and are less productive and most of the time results in no or counter-prouctive results. 

PPM is a two days intensive training focusing on the scientic method of executing the high value projects in an academic or research setup. Though some of you might think project management is more of art than a science but the reserve is true. It more so today when the urge to thrive despite so many constraints has been the norm and the accountibility to produce result on the invested money is the bare minimum requirement to succeed in reasearch.  

  • PhD (or equivalent) in any subject

  • Serving as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor or Director in a leading research or educational institute


  • Playing the role of a Research Scientist in a leading institute of national or international repute

Why Do Need It So Badly

f you are a professor or a scientist in a leading research institute you are already dealing with or aspiring to manage research projects worth multiples of crores(millions of dollars). In order to produce the desired results within the required time, within the specified budget you need to run it through a professional project management process. You should be able to identify and manage the issues. You should be able to communicate effectively and present the status reports to required stakeholders. You need to acquire and manage the human resources effectively to get the optimum performance. Your should be able to manage your budget and accounting with good precision. You should be able to define the scope and handle the change in scope in a smart way. You need to know the way to demonstrate and communicate the larger audience with prototype and pilots. You should be able to know how to manage the schedule of the project including the critical path management (sounds alien. Don't worry. You will be taught). You need to know effective way of testing and validating the results. You should be able to do configuration management to handle multiple people working on the project and undergoing changes with scope and time. This has nothing to with research methodology. It is all about the execution of the entire projects within the constraints and uncertainties to produce maximum result.

All of these can be done either by you on your own way or by a scientific professional way. You can decide Well it is seen that 80% of the project not managed professionally fail to produce results.

How badly you need it? You already have the answer.

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PPM Workshop in INDIA


PMP or PRINCE2 or Agile

Sometimes people are toggling between PRINCE2 and PMP Certification Test. Well, both are great.


PRINCE2 is more of a subjective and it is a scenaror based management with more control with the project board.

PMP is the American counterpart of PRINCE2. It has a wider acceptance worldwide. It is very popular in North America, Asia & Middle East. Project Managers happens to be captain and runs the entire shoow. He or she enjoys ultimate ppower and shouldered with the responsibility.

Agile focus on the incremental or iterative development management of products. It can be merged with PMP or PRINCE2. It is suitable for product development and innovation management here we are not very sure about the requirements or it is an exploitative journey over multiples of years.

Classroom vs Online Training

Some aspirants have a hard time decide whether to go for an online training or a physical classroom training. In the digital age sooner or later you got to adopt it enables stuff whether you love it or loathe it. Online training is flexible and economical. Whereas physical classroom is more interactive and you can breathe and feel the class that is a unique experience in itself which an online program can't match. We suggest you join classroom course (1st preference), instructor-lead virtual classroom training (second preference) and self-paced online training as a third preference.

Post Training Support



You can contact the trainer directly after the completion of your training for up to 1 year by email.

Why Get Trained at MyPMP

At MYPMP you are taught by a world-class faculty with more than a decade of Project Management experience worldwide. He is a renowned consultant, author, speaker, and entrepreneur in the field of project management (profile).


You have the flexibility to choose Online or Physical Classroom training based on your feasibility and preference.


You get 40 PDUs with 40 hours of training which is extensive and have a wider coverage.


You can use our QA Board to ask any question even after you finish your training.


You can access our question bank with 500 questions which are vital to pass your PMP Test. It is a member only service and is freely accessible t our students (and is a paid service to outsiders).


After you successfully complete the training and complete all the assignments after the training we are confident that you will pass the test. In case you can you can't make it within 2 years of taking the training see the privileges we provide to you (refund-reward policy).


We encourage you to do well and pass in your first attempt by getting trained seriously and working hard. That is why we love to reward you if you pass the PMP in first attempt (refund-reward policy).



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