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What is PMP Certification 

PMP® Certification is the most revered credential in the world that is awarded to excellent project managers worldwide by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). The certification is awarded for 3 years to a competent project manager who can pass a grueling examination lasting 4 hours. 


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  • Bachelor's Degree

  • Minimum 36 months of project management experience

  • Minimum 35 contact hours of formal project management education​​


  • High School Diploma

  • Minimum 60 months of project management experience

  • Minimum 35 contact hours of formal project management education

Why Do Need It So Badly

It is seen that PMP Certified project managers earn 30% higher than their peers who are not certified.


Many companies clearly look for only certified project managers when they hire. So your CV will not be even shortlisted when you apply to such companies.


You will stand out in your job application if you are a PMP certified project manager compared to others who are not. There are a very fewPMP certified project managers in the world and the demand for them is huge.


You may not face any doubt related to your technical skills in project management in your interview process when your recruiter sees that you are a PMP certified project manager.


People trust you in your workplace including your clients who respect PMP certified project managers.


You can put PMP, ate the end of your name similar to the Ph.D. holders who proudly mention their Ph.D. after their name. It will make you feel good and command respect in the world of project management.


Your company will consider your certification as an asset and usually, they showcase that as a USP skill. That is why most of the companies reimburse the cost of certification test if you qualify. Check with your HR.


PMP certification is a gateway to having a world-class job especially USA and Middle-east where they give very high importance to PMP Certified project managers. In Europe Government agencies PRINCE2 but PMP is the most popular worldwide and if you are a PMP certified project manager you will be considered a superior project manager everywhere in the world including Europe.







Why Get Trained at MyPMP

At MYPMP you are taught by a world-class faculty with more than a decade of Project Management experience worldwide. He is a renowned consultant, author, speaker, and entrepreneur in the field of project management (profile).


You have the flexibility to choose Online or Physical Classroom training based on your feasibility and preference.


You get 40 PDUs with 40 hours of training which is extensive and have a wider coverage.


You can use our QA Board to ask any question even after you finish your training.


You can access our question bank with 500 questions which are vital to pass your PMP Test. It is a member only service and is freely accessible t our students (and is a paid service to outsiders).


After you successfully complete the training and complete all the assignments after the training we are confident that you will pass the test. In case you can you can't make it within 2 years of taking the training see the privileges we provide to you (refund-reward policy).


We encourage you to do well and pass in your first attempt by getting trained seriously and working hard. That is why we love to reward you if you pass the PMP in first attempt (refund-reward policy).


Sometimes people are toggling between PRINCE2 and PMP Certification Test. Well, both are great.


PRINCE2 is more of a subjective test and you have to explain project scenarios in detail in your test. It has two levels (Foundation and Practioner). PRINCE2 (Practitioner) are highly respected in Europe (Government Agencies). You can't appear Practitioner Test without qualifying the Foundation Test. The certificate is valid for 5 years.


PMP is the American counterpart of PRINCE2. It has a wider acceptance worldwide. It is very popular in North America, Asia & Middle East. The test is rigorous but it is all MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). Passing the test is usually not easy but you can do it with proper effort. Your certificate will be valid for 3 years after which you have to renew. You have to earn PDUs (Professional Development Units) to be eligible to renew your certificate.  If you have more queries as here here (queries). 

Refund-reward Policy (Learn Free)

Option A


We all agree that PMP® Certification is not a silly test and if someone assures you that you will definitely pass the certification test after undergoing a miracle training it is not true. Remember, apart from the training, you still have to put the proportionate amount of effort in order to ace in your examination. So we encourage you to do well in your test and we love to recognize you with an award equal to 100% of your fees paid by you if you can pass the test within 1 year of your training with no BP (Below Proficient) or MP (Moderately Proficient) in any of the domains. (PMP Test Structure). So with a little effort, you can learn for free and we will celebrate your success together.



Option B


In case you can't pass the PMP test within 2 years after completing your course you can join our course FREE. You can avail this only once.  




Classroom vs Online Training

Some aspirants have a hard time decide whether to go for an online training or a physical classroom training. In the digital age sooner or later you got to adopt it enables stuff whether you love it or loathe it. Online training is flexible and economical. Whereas physical classroom is more interactive and you can breathe and feel the class that is a unique experience in itself which an online program can't match. We suggest you join classroom course (1st preference), instructor-lead virtual classroom training (second preference) and self-paced online training as a third preference while you are choosing your training in MyPMP Compare the courses (comparison).

QA Forum

We have a dedicated QA board where you can post your question to the board and anyone can respond to it. This will help you know different challenges faced by different students and solutions to them. So next time you got the question don't worry, you know where to get the answer from.

Question Bank

The biggest asset you have in MyPMP is that you can access the question bank with 500 questions. It will take around 54 hours to complete all the questions and solve them. It will make you so confident before examination that you will be ready to solve most of the problems and answer the questions that others will be scared to face. Please note that it is a paid service that can be available free of cost by our students. You can get your doubts clarified if you are stuck up.


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