PMP Processes


Develop Project Charter
Identify Stakeholders



Collect Requirements
Create Wbs
Define Activities
Define Scope
Determine Budget
Develop Project Management Plan
Develop Schedule
Estimate Activity Durations
Estimate Activity Resources
Estimate Costs
Identify Risks
Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
Plan Communications Management
Plan Cost Management
Plan Procurement Management
Plan Quality Management
Plan Resource Management
Plan Risk Management
Plan Risk Responses
Plan Schedule Management
Plan Scope Management
Plan Stakeholder Engagement
Sequence Activities



Acquire Resources
Conduct Procurements
Develop Team
Direct And Manage Project Work
Implement Risk Responses
Manage Communications
Manage Project Knowledge
Manage Quality
Manage Stakeholder Engagement
Manage Team


Monitoring & Controlling

Control Costs
Control Procurements
Control Quality
Control Resources
Control Schedule
Control Scope
Monitor And Control Project Work
Monitor Communications
Monitor Risks
Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
Perform Integrated Change Control
Validate Scope


Close Project Or Phase

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